Welcome to MineRoyale

We are a network dedicated to bringing you top-quality games, with loads of fun! We strive for uniqueness, excellence, quality, and overall giving you a great time! 

What does purchasing a package do? 

 Buying a premium rank (or any other package) helps us out so much, Although it does cost real life money you are helping our network get more features, grow stronger, bigger, and overall better. You also get several awesome perks! That's us showing you our thank you! When you purchase something, that money is put into this special project, the MineRoyale project. Very little of this money is spent on personal items, it is mostly all used for the project, the server. We spend this money received on our hosting bills, Developers, Artists, and more things towards the server.


Why should I purchase something here?

Servers aren't free! Your purchases are our only funding towards the several expensive things required to manage a server. When you include everything (artists, machine, developers, administrators, advertising, and more) our monthly bill can be over the cost of a house's monthly bill!


 Purchase Issues:

If your purchase was successful and have waited 30 minutes without receiving your package, please make a post on our forums under "Sale Help."

Credit/Debit Card not going through: (message: Failed: Your card was declined.)

1. Is all information accurate? (We block purchases from cards with non-matching/incorrect information)

2. Contact your bank. It is likely they are blocking the purchase because you are far away from MineRoyale's bank's location. Just tell them that the payment is safe and trusted and is really you.



1. Go into your PayPal dashboard, they will usually tell you why you are unable to send payments. 

2. If you are using PayPal with a credit/debit card, make sure the card is still functional. (not expired, has money on it, etc)

3. Contact PayPal's support. PayPal's support team will be able to identify the problem.